Echoes From The Past

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Echoes From The Past

I found this story online, but no credit was given

A young bachelor at the beginning of his career became very successful very quickly, so he bought himself a house. One morning, he awoke to the sound of running water. He rushed to the bathroom and saw that the bathtub faucet was running on full blast. He was perturbed by this, as he lived alone. A week later, it happened again, only this time it wasn’t just one faucet—it was all of the faucets in the house.

The young man called a repairman to fix the pipes and the water damage…but, as it turned out, the pipes weren’t broken. The repairman, a local, seemed visibly shaken. “What’s wrong?” the bachelor asked. “The woman who lived here before you,” said the repairman, “she drowned in that bathtub.”


2 thoughts on “Echoes From The Past

  1. For the plumber or the water meter?

    (They’re wanting to charge us all through water meters in the UK in future. Fortunately they can’t put us on a meter, because our supply serves four households.
    We have two fishponds.)

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