Watch “kellyjeanne@simpletruths” on YouTube

I did it as an experiment. At first when I created the video I tried posting it on Facebook to My Story. That didn’t work. So, I settled on posting it on my profile page and another group I belong to.

Then, I decided I wanted to branch out take the big plunge and post it to YouTube! That was a huge, scary step for me because I knew the chances of more people watching it would be greater. Plus, I was making myself more vulnerable.

The video is a little more than 7 minutes and 46 seconds long and that posed a bit of a problem. You see, I suffered multiple concussions when I was a child which has definitely affected my speech pattern. I talk slower, especially if I’m just talking off the cuff and have nothing written and prepared.

I just checked the stats and it shows- so far – 15 views, 1 like, no comments. average view duration is 46 seconds, 2:59 is the longest time anyone has watched it.

I’m noting all of this because I wanted to see how interesting or boring people might find me when I’m speaking,.since my speech pattern is so slow. This tells me to stick to blogging!

It was a fun little experiment. Who knows. I may decide to make another video when I’m more fluent in YouTube and I’m able to be more aggressive when it comes to growing my audience. But, for now, I’ll stick to writing and blogging. If you do decide to take a gander at the video, don’t say I didn’t warn you about my slow speech. If you do decide to check it out please see it in your heart to give me a like and – what the heck! Subscribe to my channel as well, just for giggles! Thanks!


6 thoughts on “Watch “kellyjeanne@simpletruths” on YouTube

      1. It didn’t affect my understanding or staying power. But I have the opposite problem – I speak too fast and people don’t understand me, so I tend to think that slower delivery is normal. I believe part of training for public speaking is to slow down and consider the timing of phrases more carefully.

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  1. You are right about having a slower delivery when it comes to public speaking, but not so much when the speaker sounds like they are brain dead!
    I remember last year sometime, I began hosting a critique room on Zoom. I decided to record a session so I could go back and re-listen to the feedback. While listening to my speech I nearly had tears in my eyes. I was appalled at how slow I spoke. I had never heard myself recorded before. Not only was my speech slow, I seemed to retract a couple of words and then repeat them again before continuing on with my idea. I couldn’t help but feel how boring it must be to listen to me talk! LOL!
    The above recording of me was the same. Many words I went back on and repeated them before continuing with my sentence.
    Now I know why I chose writing!

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  2. Kelly, I just found this video and listened to it all the way through. It is good you explained the reasons for your speech pattern. Because I have gotten to know you through the writing room and critique room, and we have found unique times to converse outside those environments – for the cause of making a new friend – we have learned each other’s stories. Sharing pain softens it, heals it, and grows us. I am saddened that so few take the time to learn about others and care enough to develop friendships outside their immediate circle of influence. I am glad to call you friend, all the way across the USofA. We will meet one day in heaven face to face, till then – I am grateful for all that I learn from you. Proud of you for making this video, too! I encourage you to carry on – one day you may go viral. You won’t, though, if you do no more….🤔

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    1. What a beautiful reply, Terrie! Thank you so much. You do my heart good.
      I agree that it is a shame that many don’t go out of their inner circles. That’s where you may find the most enduring friendships.
      I remember when I first joined Facebook eons ago and I began friending people. Whenever I tried to initiate a conversation with these people, for the most part I received a one or two word response,. When I responded back I got no reply.
      I thought it was very odd when I saw so many people with all these friends – some had thousands – but not many seemed to really be into developing anything real with the ones they had frended. I just thought that was really odd.
      That’s one reason why I took a very long time to be very discerning in choosing my friends. I’ll admit, there were times I wasn’t as discerning as I could have been, and along the way I’ve unfriended, deleted, and even blocked certain people. Just as others have done the same with me. It is a two way street, after all.
      If I recall correctly, I’ve been on Facebook since 2014 and I still only have maybe 180 friends. That’s pretty good for being discerning, wouldn’t you say?
      As far as wanting to go viral, I don’t know if I really want to. This one I made was an experiment. Plus, watching myself talk like that makes me feel sorry for the ones who come across it. The last time I checked the stats on it in YouTube, it showed I only got one ‘like’, no comments, and the longest anyone had ever watched the video was a little over 2 minutes, except you and Cathy Cade, my two loyal follower. I’m surprised you both did watch it ’til the end! As far as I’m concerned, you both should earn a medal for that!
      Thanks Terrie, for being my friend and for putting up with my madness! 💜


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