Christmas Wishes

Here is a most lovely and charming Christmas Prose Poem by a good friend of mine, Wolf Johnny. I thought this would be perfect to post for Christmas. Enjoy! His Bio is at the bottom.

postage stamp


Wolf Johnny

Carried it as if were snow. Fragile, precious, prone to blow.


Hardly more than four, she bore the WREATH with polished grace.. like favorite doll with porcelain face, alive, in need of special care.

Kelly, with the uncombed hair, spoke as free as breathing air.

“I think that Grandpa should suppose that Grandma still likes velvet bows, and lights that flash with blue and green, songs that sing of manger scene, church and sleigh bells, tiny drums, and fuzzy lambs with festive plums.. and Frank instead of Murr,” she furthered..

“Even if an angel, now, I know she’ll visit, soon,” averred.“That’s frankincense and myrrh,” was heard.


And as they packed the car, with little room for little else, the kids all snuggled, juggled good.. presents, tins upon their laps.. Kelly spoke again.

Scarcely ever didn’t, then..“I’d like to hold the wreath myself. I’m sure to lend a lady’s touch. And maybe Jane can guard the cookies, if she wouldn’t mind too much.. JOHNNY, DON’T YOU EAT THEM ALL!”

The wreath was big and Kelly small.

Sitting there, the center back, an elfin princess framed by pine.. a Christmas fairy altar, shrine. So luring, lovely, garland flocked.. with brightest bow at 5 o’clock.

“The thurkey thgood,” said Kelly’s Dad, his digits neath the foiled plate. His fingers tapped and slapped by Mom (though understood, the turkey great)..

Her mitten grin brimming love, as wiped his chin and settled in.
To Grandpa’s house, a big surprise.. no interest shown..
his first, alone.


Road was snowy, driving slow as wound about the mountain tops. Trees adorned with crystal drops.Young’uns needing lots of stops..

“ALMOST THERE? Forgot my truck, my teddy bear. Have to pee. Kelly’s wreath is on my knee. We’re thirsty, Mommy,” said all three.

Kelly, Johnny, Jane agreed when, “LOOK, A STORE!” the kids did plead.
A little lost in all that white, worried they were losing light, Dad drove in the parking lot.. seeking map if, maybe, got.. and bathroom for the kids and he (perhaps could find a private tree).

“Alright you guys, let’s go inside, and keep your fingers to yourselves. We’re not a band of rowdy elves.”

Kelly stared at bursting shelves.

It seems their luck, this open store on Christmas Eve was, heretofore, known for prices very low (and bathroom clean and grateful so).. a Five and Dime and place to go to stretch one’s dollar far as could. Dad remembered, “Firewood. Let’s get some extra bundles good. Could squeeze in car, at least they should..”

“MOMMY, MOMMY, can we, please?!”And in between the hats and keys, were Christmas lights and baubles gold with shiny sparkles, colors bold..

+“I’m sure that Grandpa needs some things,” arms were waving, feet on springs.“Aunt Mary gave me quarters.. four.. and Uncle Jerry gave me more. And told me I should have some fun,” Kelly only just begun.

“I’d like to buy some extra stuff, for Grandpa doesn’t have enough.”

Set her lips, with hands on hips, her face affixed in steely stare.. that no one countered. Who would dare?

And, thusly, standing all in line, Mom, her brood of urchins fine, were laden down with Christmas cheer. Some with tinsel, others deer. Their mood was happy, laughing, loaded.. up and down with twinkles, charms.. as if the very SLEIGH OF SANTA split asunder in their arms.Were swags and bags of trimmings, frills, and ornaments adorned with thrills, for decking halls and wreathing doors, too many lights, were likely scores of candles, gnomes, and garlands bright for singing carols, maybe, might.. with cocoa mix and mallows white..“I think we’ve plenty for tonight,” said Dad as stared at cashier’s flurry, summing up their Christmas, “Hurry. Getting dark, a ways to go..

“I fear your number. Let me know.”


“Sixteen dollars, thirty cents..

“On Christmas Eve and odd events, we lower prices special for.. all Grandpa gifts and could be your.. extra-lucky special day..“I pray you have a jumbo sleigh.”
Mom and Dad then stood there mute.. was far too cheap for far too cute.. this clerk who beamed with cheeks too red, like Mrs. Claus, and plenty fed.

“ONE MORE THING! Please kindly wait!!” Kelly blurted, not too late. And like the wreath, when first we met.. she carried something special, yet.

“I found this card.. all Christmas-y.. with bunnies neath a lighted tree. I’d like to purchase this for me.”

A postcard from another time, an ancient year, the price unclear.“Well, this is from a Christmas past, from maybe 80 years ago,” said Mrs. Claus, her answer fast..“but free for you and HO, HO, HO..”

And as she grinned at Kelly beaming, little girl was slyly scheming.“How much for this glitter pen?” she bothered Mrs. Claus, again.

“Well, that one’s special, magic ink.. angel dust and writes in pink. A nickel, please,” with secret wink.. as coin went in her pocket. CLINK!

Then handed them their treasure pile, flashing grin and wily smile.“Your Grandpa’s house is down a mile.”


How they fit the merry sacks, their glitter bombs and happy packs of Christmas love for Grandpa’s home in car so full? A great unknown.

I have no clue.
But this I say, and wholly true..

They shmooshed it in and squashed it easy.. not a thing was broken, squeezing all the trimmings, taking care.. was nothing left but wee bit air.

Driving, turned the corner lane and found the house, when chimed in Jane..“NOT A SINGLE Christmas light..”

The family knew it wasn’t right.

With the last of sunlight glowing, car unpacked and Christmas flowing through their veins and out their pores.. they set about their quiet chores..Stringing lights and spreading cheer with all they bought, too hushed to hear, ‘til started singing carols loudly. Thought were soft, but bellowed proudly.

Grandpa stepped on porch with Tess, whose tail was wagging, “I confess, I’ve never seen a grimmer mess of Christmas joy..

“Am feeling blessed.“Now come on in and bring that tree, and who behind the wreath is she, who looks like someone’s long-lost elf?”

When Kelly squealed, “It’s me, MYSELF!!”


They brought the fun into the house with cats unhappy (happy mouse) to see the slew of Christmas fuss..“I guess there’s nothing to discuss. Oh sure, this house is getting old and missing Grandma.. come and hold your Grandpa, needs a Christmas hug..“Now who would like a yummy mug of cocoa warm. A massive storm you travelled through. Am smelling TURKEY? Tell me, true..”

And girls went off and made the meal as men kept up and fashioned real.. a Christmas Eve with fire going, stockings filled to overflowing, presents neath the tree with cats. Johnny thinking maybe hats would look quite good upon their fur. In Santa caps, began to purr.

Dinner served with cake and pie, as all remembered why they cried when thought of Grandma missing this, her dearest day.. December bliss.

Grandpa found some photos old of Grandma young for all behold, as passed them round the table FULL of leaking eyes and festive wool.

But what is this, this tiny square with holly berries, sitting there among the pictures..All did stare.

“If this a stamp, I’d like it, please,” our Kelly begged when felt a BREEZE..

come wafting through a window closed.. that smelled like figs in each their nose.. as took the stamp and blew it high.. when landed like a feather shy.


From their chairs they all arose and went inside to follow closely where the square now happened lay, near card inscribed with sparkles gay..

what little girls and angels say:“I think I saw you in the store. You helped us buy a little more for Grandpa on this special day. Come visit, please, and maybe stay.”

Addressed to Grandma, Heaven’s Gate. The fire crackled, getting late.

Clock struck twelve, was CHRISTMAS MORN..

when bells began and Christ was born.

©2022 Wolf Johnny


Short Bio of Johnny Francis Wolf:

Homeless the better part of these past 8 years, he surfs friends’ couches, shares the offered bed, relies on the kindness of strangers — paying when can, doing what will, performing odd jobs. Of late.. Ranch Hand his favorite.

From NY to LA, Taos and Santa Fe, Mojave Desert, Coast of North Carolina, points South and South East — considers himself blessed.

On Jan 10th, his first book, MEN UNLIKE OTHERS, comes out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Congratulations, Johnny!

If you’d like to follow him on Facebook, the link is here:


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

    1. It was, and is, my pleasure. This deserves to be displayed for a wider audience. I only regret that I don’t have that many followers at the moment.
      I hope you’re planning on submitting this for publication next Christmas. You have a beautiful way with words. Never stop expressing yourself!

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