Least Favourite Things

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Writing Wrinkles, and Random Ramblings

A Poem, following my recent post on Ageing Gratefully

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

My Favourite Things – not

Rising each morning at silly o’clock, rousing the children... walk dogs round the block. Crawling through rush hour towards an office, These, in retirement, are things I don’t miss. Each weekday evening, arrive home from work. Look neither to left nor right where dust may lurk. Shopping at weekends – remember the list. These are a few of the things I don’t miss. When the wrists hurt When the knees twinge When the hips feel bad, I simply remember the things I don’t miss And then I don’t feel so sad. Having to work on the days sun is shining. Rain at the weekends and shirts that need ironing. Home in the dark when long winters persist. These are a few of the things I don’t miss. Roast every Sunday…

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