Living The Reality of Asperger’s

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Shattering the many myths

Ever since I was an adolescent, I’ve been in the business of raising people’s consciousness. It wasn’t easy. After all, who’s going to listen to a small child? Especially one who’s always been treated as lesser than everyone else and told all her life that she’s stupid and will never amount to anything?

That never stopped me because it was – and still is – a large part of who I am. To have been raised by parents (I prefer ‘egg donor’ and ‘sperm donor’) and siblings who had morals and ethics of….. Well, they didn’t have much of a sense of right and wrong, integrity, or any of the things that are supposed to set us apart from animals. I always say that if I were raised by wolves, I would have had more of an advantage in life.

Throughout my life, I’ve continued to teach people. At the tender age of 64 people are starting to listen to me. How great is that? I’m in the process of writing my memoir. It very well may be a 3 book series. The first book will be my actual memoir. The second will be how certain factions of society have treated me throughout my life, making my day to day existence extremely difficult. My third book will be the many lessons I have learned and would like to impart to others.

It’s become quite apparent to me that most people enjoy living in their little privileged and entitled bubbles. That, in itself, is not really an issue, because none of us can control our race we were born into, or the gender we were born into, or how much money, i.e., influence our family has – or lack thereof.

The problem comes when people choose to remain ignorant, like a horse with blinders on. When they don’t want to step out of their warm, comfortable bubbles to see that there are other realities in life; other life experiences. The sad thing is, too many people have not had good experiences in life. Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

To not recognize us means to overlook, shun, marginalize, trivialize, isolate, disenfranchise and alienate a large and ever increasing segment of society. Did I get enough synonyms in there to drill the point home?

How we are seen affects the way we are treated, thus preventing us from living full and happy lives. Through telling my story, I will show how this happened to me time and time again, which really upended my life so many times and causing such chaos and nearly unbearable turmoil that I had attempted suicide – a second time! No one believes me when I tell them how old I was when I first attempted it.

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